Easy Pork Belly Sisig 

Easy Pork Belly Sisig 

Easy Pork Belly Sisig 

This Easy Pork Belly Sisig takes the traditional sisig to the next level by incorporating the irresistible crunch of perfectly cooked pork belly, savory soy sauce and spices, with a citrus taste from calamansi or lemon, combined with flavorful aromatics and seasonings. This crispy pork adds an extra layer of texture to the dish, turning it into a delicious main dish, side dish, or pulutan.

Let's Start with Ingredients and  Instructions 


Boil the meat with aromatics until tender.

Fry the garlic in a wok with hot oil.

Air-fry or deep bry the meat until brown and crispy

Chop the onion, red chili and cooked meat as tiny as possible.

In a bowl, add the chopped meat and all the remaining ingredients.

Transfer the sisig in a sizzler plate  or skillet to cook for a few minutes.

Taste test and adjust the seasonings, Serve with  chopped green onion on top.

Serve with rice or beer on the side.

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