Shrimp Corn Ptato Chowder

Shrimp Corn Ptato Chowder

Shrimp Corn Potato Chowder

This flavorful, rich, and creamy Shrimp Corn Potato Chowder is comforting, satisfying, and delicious. It is a perfect seafood soup any time of the day.

Let's Start with Step-by-steps 


In a dutch oven, preheat cooking oil and add carrots, corn, celery, salt and pepper. Stir and cook for 5 minutes over medium heat.

Pour water or bone broth and add diced potatoes and bay leaves. Let it boil and simmer until the potatoes are soft.

Scoop about 2-3 cups of liquid with the veggies and puree in a food processor or blender. Then add it back to the dutch oven.

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Stir. Adjust the seasonings accordingly.