Bok choy and tofu Stir-fry

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Bok choy and tofu Stir-fry

Looking for the best way to stir-fry tofu? This Tofu and Bok Choy Stir-Fry is a quick, nutritious, and delicious meal! The tofu is perfectly seasoned well and crispy that’s packed with flavors, then tossed with tender-crisp bok choy in a sticky, lightly sweet, and thick sauce. It is a perfect dish for busy weeknights.

Let's Start with Ingredients and  Step-by-step 





Cut the bok choy lenghtwise

Prepare and season the tofu.

Fry the tofu until golden brown

Combine the sauce mixture.

Start cooking the aromatics, followed by the bok choy and the sauce.

Add the fried bok choy, stir everything until well combined.